Q: What does holistic mean?
A: Holistic attempts to treat both the mind and the body.
Q: What type of clients/patients do you serve?
A: We serve clients with neuromuscular/neurological disorders, such as, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Traumatic Head Injury, Quadriplegic, Encephalitis, Central Core Myopathy, Robin Stein, Rett Syndrome, Bipolar. We serve the general public and local businesses, and professional organizations.
Q: What is Recreation Therapy and what are its potential therapeutic benefits?
A: (see interdisciplinary definitions)
Q: What is adaptive computer training and what are its therapeutic benefits
A: (see interdisciplinary definitions)
Q: Do you have a freestanding facility or do you make home visits?
A: We only make home visits currently.
Q: Are you a participant in the Class Program?
A: Yes, we currently have contracts with Disabilities Services of the Southwest and Touch of Class.
Q: Do you accept private pay and how much do you charge per discipline?
A: Yes, we accept private pay. Fees vary according discipline. (see fee chart)
Q: Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?
A: Currently we are unable to bill for Medicare or Medicaid.
Q: Are you for profit or non-profit?
A: We are for profit.
Q: Do you carry professional liability insurance in case of an accident?
A: Yes, All staff members carry professional liability insurance.
Q: Are you bonded?
A: Yes, we are bonded.